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Authorized Dealer Program

Sales and Business Professionals Needed

About DGT Business Group

DGT Business Group is a leading marketing company.
We offer products and services from all the major telecom, security and solar carriers for residential and commercial customers nationwide. Companies like DirecTV, AT&T, ADT, Vivint, Century link, Xfinity, Charter Spectrum and many more. 

Position Purpose

We are seeking sales and business professionals to become an independent Agent or Business Partner (IBO). You will have the ability to build your own team or simply work for yourself. At DGT Business Group we provide online training and resources for you to get started. We offer Full time and Part time growth incentives to fit your schedule. If you own your own business maybe you are looking to add our products and services to your sales portfolio. DGT Business Group is perfect fit for many existing businesses to add additional revenue streams. Real Estate Agents, Title companies, Retail Businesses, Restaurants/Bars, Schools, Churches, Supermarkets/Convenience stores and many more are perfect fits for our business partner program.


To establish new accounts, develop new business relationships, and promote the company brand.

Additional information

We have direct contracts with our clients allowing us to pay out the highest commissions in the industry. 


Fill out the dealer/agent program to the best of your knowledge.


Usually takes 3-5 business days to be approved.


A representative will reach out to you via email/phone call with confirmation of approval.


We send you tutorials, product knowledge, marketing strategies and sales videos to jump start your success!


Once receiving you’re Id code with login info you’ll be ready to get credit for all of your organizations sales along with an online portal to place orders.


A representative will reach out to you via email/phone call with confirmation of approval.

Dealer Program Details

  1. Agent/Business partner will have access to our online CRM software for order entry and tracking
  2. Agent will receive a customized commercial with their contact info to advertise on media outlets including social media like Facebook.
  3. Agent will have access to our online training portal.
  4. Online training portal will include pricing cheat sheets for all of our Telecom Carriers.
  5. Online training portal will include training video tutorials on how to enter orders. This will also include sales training videos and advice on how to get your business started.
  6. Online training portal will include access to our marketing center for creating customized marketing materials such as flyers, door hangers, banners, Business cards, social media campaigns etc;
  7. Online training portal will include power point presentations for sales training and product offerings
  8. Agents and business partners will also have the ability to call in orders directly to DGT
  9. Agents will also have access to the D Apparel portal to order at a discounted rate, Polo Shirts, Button up shirts, Hats, T-shirts, ETC; These apparel materials can be customized with our Telecom carrier partner logos.GT
  10. DGT Business Group also will provide agents with a full support staff that can be reached via telephone or email during normal business hours. Our staff will offer and provide live training webinars per agent request.


Please email resumes to Support@dgt.global